Jess Willa Wheaton
Justin Berry
Michael Kennedy-Costa
Monica Palma
Nicholas O'Brien
Pia Howell
Rick Silva
Ryan Whittier Hale
Sean Kuhnke
Trudy Benson
Zach Nader
Everything Studio
Khalil Huffman
Grant Willing

James Hyde



The 25¢ quarter has an absurdly tangible way of providing mundane, minute, abstract, humorous, and transformational exchanges in our day-to-day lives. Quarters buy us snacks in vending machines, bubble gum, plastic toys, and arcade thrills; they help us do our laundry, and play us songs on the jukebox; they save us when scrounging for coffee money in the morning. As small tokens of our financial imaginations, we throw quarters down the wishing well and hope for generous returns.

When thinking about the quarter as a signifier of simple, yet transformative "exchange," we decided to invite a group of artists to re-imagine the two faces the coin. The resulting digital quarters are available here as high-res digital downloads for exactly 25¢ apiece, or as a set of 16 for $4.00 — an exchange of quarters never passing hands. Though modest, all proceeds return to the artists.

DEUXFACES.BIZ is a project by Parallelograms, produced in conjunction with The Shortest Distance Between Two Points, an exhibition at Syndicat Potentiel in Strasbourg, France.

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